Rihanna's 11 Best Videos: From 'Umbrella' to 'BBHMM'

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A still from Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" video released July 1, 2015.

The camera loves few people more than it loves Rihanna -- and after her first few videos, the singer quickly moved beyond the obvious, straightforward-sexy concepts for her visuals. With a knack for the provocative and high-concept, she’s made some of this era's most memorable videos. Here are the 11 best:

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“Only Girl In The World” (2010)

It’s literal, but still gorgeous -- Rihanna frolics alone through various flower-strewn fields, all shot in hyper-realistic shades of red. High drama and literal fireworks are perfect for the endless crescendo of the dancefloor anthem.

“Pour It Up” (2013)

Forget the Playboy Manse. Rihanna has her own grotto in this swampy, sexy video, replete with the poles and jiggling one would expect for this strip-ready track. Instead of a crown, RiRi’s sporting a bejeweled bra as she sits atop her throne -- there’s no question of who’s in charge.

“Man Down” (2011)

This controversial video opens with Rihanna gunning down a man in broad daylight -- but the backstory comes through vivid interpretation of the song’s revenge-themed lyrics, all beautifully shot on location in Jamaica. The song and video together are crucial examples of the singer using her work to impact issues important to her: in this case, domestic and sexual violence.

RiRi leaves little to the imagination in the NSFW video for Anti single "Kiss It Better" -- though she's totally alone, the singer spends the video miming after-dark activities while wearing appropriately seductive garb. It's a fitting flex for Rihanna, showing that the sexiness of "Pour It Up" was just the beginning of her pulse-quickening powers.