Hilary Duff Brings Fleetwood Mac's 'Little Lies' to the Dance Floor: Listen

Hilary Duff photographed at Billboard's Chelsea, New York studio on June 17, 2015.
Tawni Bannister

Hilary Duff photographed at Billboard's Chelsea, New York studio on June 17, 2015.

Today in unexpected covers: Hilary Duff takes a stab at Fleetwood Mac's classic "Little Lies."

The synthy take comes as part of promotion for the second season of Duff's TV Land show Younger, which is delightful and you should really be watching it. That said, this cover is fun. It's got Duff's standard breathy vocals, but the biggest difference may be that the instrumentals of the original are mostly dropped in favor of a more dance-mix-ready bass line.

Take a listen below: