Hayley Kiyoko Debuts Dance-Ready Oski Remix of 'Girls Like Girls': Premiere

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Cover art for Hayley Kiyoko's "Girls Like Girls" remixes.

Multi-hyphenate Hayley Kiyoko has turned heads with her music videos for "Girls Like Girls" and "Cliff's Edge," raking in 19 million and 3 million views for each, respectively. Ask the CSI: Cyber star about her viral accomplishments and she simply says it's "awesome." 

Now, the singer/dancer/actress is delivering the Dance Dance Revolution-ready Oski remix to "Girls Like Girls," exclusively premiering on Billboard

"I feel like when you create a music video you just hope that there is a platform for people to see it," she says over e-mail. "I definitely did not foresee millions and millions of people watching this video. I actually remember being on set with everyone for the “Girls Like Girls” video and saying, 'I just want to reach one million views, that’s it, and I’ll be happy!'"

As for using her tunes as a platform to bring awareness to timely topics (her "Girls Like Girls" video features two young women falling in love, which resonates with the LGBT community), she explains that she makes it a point to write about subjects that may not be in the spotlight. 

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"I’ve always wanted my lyrics to say something meaningful and, you know, you always want to tell a message with your art," she adds. "So yes, as I continue to write music I will write about things that are real and things that I feel aren’t written about a lot."

Her continued success has also brought a loaded itinerary but she welcomes the challenge. "It’s definitely been a challenging year being on set and in between takes working on my music whether it’s Instagram posts, emails, or producing music videos on my days off," she says about shooting for CSI. "When I’m on set, I’m on set, and I focus and get the work done. Then when I’m done, I kind of have this button that I switch. I’m constantly switching this button and putting on different masks and that kind of keeps me organized.

Get your dance on to the Oski remix and full remix bundle of Hayley Kiyoko's "Girls Like Girls" below.

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