Adele's Best 8 Moments of 2015

Adele photographed in 2015.
Alasdair McLellan

Adele photographed in 2015.

All it took was one “Hello” from Adele on a shivery October morning to become the Internet’s sweetheart. With flawless eyeliner and a sepia-colored work of art to usher in her return following a three-year hiatus from the spotlight, Adele took a little over a month to become one of 2015’s pop culture phenoms.

With a handful of live performance gigs (BBC 1, NBC’s Radio City special) and her third studio effort, 25, toppling record after record, it has been the year of Adele despite her fourth quarter re-introduction. Below, a few noteworthy highlights from the powerhouse’s comeback this year.

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1. Adele glides past Star Wars trailer record

The force was with Adele when she unveiled her “Hello” video on Oct. 23. According to a YouTube report, “1.6 million people watched the video per hour.” The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer trailed, landing 1.2 views in a single 60-minute session. James Corden and comic Billy Eichner even released a Star Wars-themed parody of the video for Halloween.

2. Adele meets Lionel Richie in “Hello” mashup

The former Commodore first greeted the world with his dramatic classic “Hello” in 1983. However, a savvy YouTube user connected the calls between Richie and Adele's monster hits for a viral mashup. Richie recently revealed that he's planning a duet with the U.K. singer after the success of the video.

3. Adele dedicates “Hometown Glory” to Paris at Radio City show

When Adele brought her talents to New York City’s Radio City Music Hall for an NBC special taping to air later this month, she performed a soul-stirring rendition of “Hometown Glory” (Nov. 17) with a montage dedicated to Paris following the tragic shooting attacks that took place at Le Bataclan concert hall.

Lionel Richie Planning Adele Duet Following Viral 'Hello' Mashup

4. Adele performs “Hello” with classroom instruments

What do you get when you mix Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, Adele and classroom instruments for an upbeat performance of “Hello”? Internet gold.

5. Adele inspires Thanksgiving spoof on Saturday Night Live

Adele continued her NBC tour with a pit stop at SNL, where the cast used the vocal wonder as their muse for a Thanksgiving parody, which included Matthew McConaughey as a done-up grandpa.

6. Adele plays Adele impersonator

The Adele at the BBC special featured a LOL-worthy skit where the 1-of-1 songstress played an Adele impersonator. As part of a faux pilot audition, the real-life Adele transformed into nervous wreck “Jenny,” only to stump her fellow impersonators with a jaw-dropping performance.

7. Adele fangirls for Beyonce

Need another reason to pledge to the Bey Hive? Adele’s a card-carrying member. During her interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, Adele cleared up rumors that she had turned down a Beyonce collaboration. “Just to clear up, I would never be so disrespectful,” Adele told Zane. “I would never disrespect her like that. I’m such a fan, oh my God! … Obviously, Queen Bey to the day I die.”

Adele's '25' Spends Second Week at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart

8. Adele shatters sales records

The British chanteuse enjoyed the sights from the top of the charts. Her 25 album remains perched on top of the Billboard 200 for the second week in a row. The comeback LP also sold 4.49 million copies in its two weeks of sales. The set even bested *NSYNC’s first-week sales record of 2,416,000 with at least 2,433,000 in pure album sales.