Watch One Direction Breaks Down 'Made in the A.M.' Songs

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In a new series of videos for Vevo, the One Direction boys talk about the various inspirations for each of the songs on their new album Made in the A.M., as well as reflect on the past five years. 

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“Drag Me Down”
“At first, we weren’t massively sure on the song which is really strange. It was something with the way it was produced. It was too different which we were scared of. I think that song was a grower, it grows on you quite a lot. After we sang on it and made it our own with different drum sounds and a couple of different things, it was exactly the right way to go. It’s a nice introduction with everything going on, especially with the aftermath that’s gone on this last year.” - Liam Payne

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"I think “Perfect” is the biggest pop song on the album. It’s cool because it’s obviously a love song but it’s not that romantic. It’s not like a Romeo-Juliet type 'I want to be with you forever, I wanna marry you, I wanna have kids with you.' It’s not that kind of thing. It’s more like, 'I’m not perfect, I really like you and if you wanna have fun this could be great' type thing. It’s not really thinking anything through, it’s like 'do you wanna do a bunch of fun stuff with me?' type thing. It’s a different approach to a love song but I think that’s what makes it quite cool." - Harry Styles

"The funniest thing about 'Olivia' is that it’s one of my favorite songs on the album because it’s so different and it feels like so much old stuff that I love; In general, just the sound of the instruments and how it was done. We recorded the strings at Abbey Road and it feels like a cool song in just the way we did it. It probably took the least time to write.” - Harry Styles

"Love You Goodbye”
"It’s probably the most personal to me. It was one of the moments when the song was coming together you felt a real excitement for it. Just the idea of the song is interesting to me. Everybody has that time after your break-up that you do have to see your ex again. It's kinda about that. We’ve kinda been waiting for that song." - Louis Tomlinson

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“I Want To Write You A Song”
"My favorite song on this album is 'I want To Write You A Song' purely because it’s the kind of song that I’ve always wanted to write for somebody. The funny thing about it is that I've never managed to write that song yet. The whole idea of the song is about writing a song which is so ironic and I think that’s what makes it really cool. It’s so simple but then in the background they have the writing noise of the pencil and the paper which I think is really cool." -Liam Payne

"We chose to have history on the record because we all agreed that that was the one of the best songs we’ve had. It’s got that sitting-on-the-dock-of-the-bay feel to it, campfire-y, easy-to-play, four-chords simple. It talks about history between ourselves and the fans, all the time we spent on the road and the crew, the people that have been with us from day one, the history of everything. Everything about the last five years and 'we can make some more and let’s not stop now' type of thing. Just a good vibe about it.” - Niall Horan

Watch the videos below. 



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