Rachel Platten, Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri Share Their Touring Essentials -- From Pre-Show Potions to Fit Tips

Rachel Platten, Colbie Cailat and Christina Perri
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Rachel Platten, Colbie Cailat and Christina Perri

Lilith Fair may be long gone, but Colbie Caillat, 30, Christina Perri, 28, and "Fight Song" singer Rachel Platten, 34, are reviving the girl-power spirit this summer on the 27-date Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too Tour, which kicked off July 10. The ladies dish on their must-haves to survive life on the road.

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Preshow Potions

Caillat: "I drink hot water and honey with a little Jameson before I go on. I have a raspy voice, so that soothes it and smoothes it out."

Platten: "We have Jack Daniel's on our rider, but we end up never actually drinking it. You have to be in amazing shape to tour like this, so you can't party too much. Instead it's usually Throat Coat tea, green smoothies and hot water with lemon."

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Fit Tips

Perri: "I bring my SoulCycle bike on tour. The hour I take to spin is my Zen time."

Platten: "I'm a yogi. I'll do yoga in green rooms and outside the tour bus. When I'm in my hotel room, I'll pump up the heat and turn it into a hot-yoga class."

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Cuddle Buddies

Perri "My favorite thing is my penguin pillow. Everyone makes fun of me, but I'm the one who sleeps on every trip, so I don't care. It's falling apart; it's not going to make many more dry cleanings."

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Tour Bus Tunes

Caillat: "Bob Marley and Tom Petty. The chill vibe instantly calms me down."

Perri: "Dean Martin, old crooners. And funny enough, when I'm really homesick, we'll blast Christmas music!"

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Food Rules

Perri: "I say no sugar on our bus. I do let my band and crew have it in their bunks if I can't see it, so in the middle of the night I will literally hear them eating candy bars."

This story originally appeared in the July 25 issue of Billboard.



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