Iggy Azalea Threatened By Hacker Group Anonymous

Miller Mobley

"I really loved Sam Smith's record," says Azalea, photographed on April 2, 2014 at Drift Studios in New York. "The Grammys are coming up, and if I lose every award to Sam Smith, I'd be fine with it."

The collective wants the "Fancy" rapper to apologize to Azealia Banks "and the protesters in NYC"… or else.

Iggy Azalea has spent the past week trading words with fellow female rapper Azealia Banks, and has spent the past year being criticized for cultural misappropriation by being a white Australian woman in hip-hop. Now the "Fancy" star is facing a new opponent: the hacking group Anonymous, who spent Friday night (Dec. 19) slamming Azalea and eventually threatening to release snapshots from an X-rated tape starring the rapper -- and possibly other things the rapper would want to keep secret -- unless she apologizes in the next 48 hours.

Iggy Azalea Calls Azealia Banks a 'Bully and a Bigot'

"You are guilty of misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner's death. @IGGYAZALEA," the faceless group posted on Friday night. Anonymous is asking Azalea to "release a statement apologizing to @AzealiaBanks and the protesters in NYC" within 48 hours, or else proof of her X-rated tape will be released.

The group makes clear that the scandalous tape itself will not be released, because they "are not in the business of porn." Instead, they will "release various snapshots of her face to confirm" her involvement, and to prove a larger point.

For her part, Azalea has not addressed the threats on Twitter, instead posting about her upcoming arena tour on Friday night; a rep for the arist did not immediately return Billboard's request for comment. Banks, who was engaged in a Twitter feud with Queens MC Action Bronson on Friday afternoon, has also yet to comment.