Why Were Jay Z, Justin Timberlake & Taylor Swift Hanging Out? 10 (Not-So-Likely) Theories

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Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z leaving Taylor Swift's apartment in Tribeca, New York City on Dec. 15, 2014.

"I stay out too late...then have music titans come over the following afternoon."

Even by Taylor Swift's high standards, she's having a pretty great weekend. After receiving Billboard's Woman of the Year Award on Friday, she had her 25th birthday party attended by just about everyone (including Beyonce, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake), and then later in the weekend she went to the Timberlake show, dancing in the VIP area with Beyonce

Now, it appears that Jay Z, Timberlake and Swift still haven't had their fill of each other. On Monday afternoon, cameras caught Jay and Timberlake both leaving Swift's apartment in NYC (sans Queen Bey).

Beyonce & Taylor Swift Dance Together at Justin Timberlake Show

Are the three working on new music together? Comparing Grammy strategies? Talking about the Spotify battle? Below, our theories/fanfiction about what/why/how it all went down.

1. Five words: Jay Z "Bad Blood" remix. Expanding on the "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes" part, obviously. 

2. Like everyone, when Swift was a teenager, she had a crush on Timberlake (duh). There's a pretty goofy video of 18-year-old Swift telling Ellen DeGeneres she was just dumped, and then Ellen brings out Timberlake to cheer her up ("SexyBack" has well-known healing powers). Jay Z had never seen the video (not a big YouTube viewer) so the two showed him the vid...and then a bunch of other YouTube hits. Now Jay Z is all about Tyler Oakley and MentalFloss.

3. Jay Z and Timberlake know that anyone who appears to be part of Swift's Celebrity Friendship Circle on Instagram gets a little publicity boost. Even A-listers aren't immune to wanting a little bit of that, and -- win-win! -- Swift would probably love to have some male friends that people won't instantly assume she's dating. 

4. Fun fact! Maybe Jay Z and Timberlake are actually huge cat people, but they can't have their own cats because it's a little girly for their image. So they come over to Swift's place to hang out with Meredith and Olivia Benson

2014: The Year In... Taylor Swift's Cats

5. The whole thing was an Illuminati induction ceremony for Swift. 

6. Jay Z and Timberlake want to surprise their wives for the holidays by learning some domestic skills. Swift -- as anyone who follows her on Instagram is well aware -- adores baking and things of that nature. Cut to Swift, Timberlake and Jay Z in the kitchen: 99 problems, but a perfect tray of cookies is no longer one. 

7. "Style"/"Suit & Tie" mash-up recording session. 

8. This is so awkward. Taylor thought Beyonce was coming over; she was going to bring Blue Ivy and they were all going to make some Pinterest-worthy ornaments, but Beyonce spaced and forgot she had a "Ruling the Universe" meeting. She didn't want to cancel on Taylor, so she sent Jay over in her stead. He didn't really want to show up alone, so he called up his onetime tourmate and current poop-emoji-wearing friend

9. "What's she really like?" Swift and Timberlake ask Jay Z at the exact same moment, then laugh awkwardly as they realize even A-listers (even those who have worked with her!) aren't totally immune to the intrigue. 

10. Maybe they were just new friends hanging out (with just a little bit of "Shake It Off" dancing), talking about their lives and the industry, taking advantage of the fact they were all briefly in the same town?

Nah... too boring. 


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