Happy Birthday, Chris Kirkpatrick: Celebrate His 5 Best Unappreciated 'N Sync Video Moments

Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC
Tim Roney/Getty Images

Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC in 2001.

God must have spent a little more time on him.

Happy Birthday, Chris Kirkpatrick!

The 'N Sync powerhouse turned somewhat-of-a-punchline turns 43 today. No, that's not a typo; a member of 'N Sync is straight-up middle-aged. Time marches on!

On a lighter note, Kirkpatrick had a really great year -- he got married! (And 'N Sync showed up and presumably were the wedding band, right?) He hasn't participated in a lot of music stuff recently, save for his hilarious role on Fairly OddParents,  so we're taking this opportunity to look back at his best unappreciated gems from the 'N Sync years (so, think peak 1999).

Enjoy below.

5. "It Makes Me Ill" (HBO performance)
Unappreciated Chris Moment: Justin, Joey, JC and Lance: "Yeah, we don't want to use a defibrillator in concert. Chris?" Chris, to himself: "They always make me do the goofiest part." Take it away, Mr. Kirkpatrick.

4. "It's Gonna Be Me"
Unappreciated Chris Moment: 1:23, when "doll" Chris jumps up and down on a shelf in a toy store.

3. "Bye Bye Bye"
Unappreciated Chris Moment: When he ran across the top of a train with Joey Fatone; he actually had a starring role in the first minute of the video. Go Chris!

2. "I Drive Myself Crazy"
Unappreciated Chris Moment: Um, try the whole video! Great job with those opening lead vocals, Mr. Kirkpatrick. Sorry the guys finally allowed you the spotlight in a video that primarily takes place in a metaphorical (and literal) mental hospital.

1. "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"
Unappreciated Chris Moment: Chris had to hold onto the back of the sleigh, even though there was enough room for him next to Justin Timberlake. 🙁

RIP, 1999. 



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