Remember The Time: Aaron Carter Breaks Down the 'Aaron's Party' Music Video

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Aaron Carter

One of the most successful teenage pop acts of all time, Aaron Carter scored hits in the late 90s and early 00s long before Justin Bieber became a household name. With hits like "Oh Aaron," "I Want Candy" and "That's How I Beat Shaq," Carter sold over 4 million copies of his first three albums combined according to Nielsen SoundScan, before eventually moving on to a "Dancing With the Stars" stint and a recent off-Broadway performance in "The Fantasticks."

Carter is preparing his fifth studio album and will kick off a new tour, 'The After Party' trek on Feb. 22, but before he unveils his new music, the pop singer chatted with Billboard about the making of his most iconic music video, the 2000 clip for "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)," for Pop Shop's new Remember The Time series. The video, which features the 13-year-old throwing a massive house party while his parents head out, has earned 3.7 million Youtube views and is crucial viewing for historians of the bubblegum pop that ruled the radio at the turn of the century.

Join AC as he reminisces about his Kid Rock attire, having multiple girlfriends and his strange relationship with the actor and actress who played his parents in the clip: 

Aaron Carter: My mom was my manager, and she's really dope! She just knew what she was doing. She's a creative, great-minded person, and just knew who her son was and what my character was like, and she wanted it to be portrayed through my rap music. She was making it all happen, and came up with the concept -- the ideas, the girls, the parents, the house party.

Her whole thing was doing like a 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' type of vibe, and then embracing the people I was listening to at the time, like Kid Rock. I had the Kid Rock bicycle and the fur coat on. People are still doing that now!


The video was such a fun experience. It was done in Canada -- it's funny, because I did four videos in the course of three days. We did "Iko Iko," "I Want Candy," "Bounce" and "Aaron's Party." We did all four of those in three days, and I was already on tour, and they took me to Canada because the laws were different. And you can see the bags under my eyes are all the same in each video, because I wasn't getting any sleep. They took me up to Canada to do these, because the child labor laws were different!

"Aaron's Party" went all day. We had to do these videos -- when we were doing the Kid Rock scene, on the bike in the fur coat, it was like 6 AM. And by the time the house party really happened, it was really late at night, like 4 AM. We went from like 5 AM to 5 AM. We didn't stop. And "Aaron's Party" was the last video we did out of the four, and I was so tired. I remember eating KFC chicken and getting food poisoning that day on top of it. It was crazy. It was fun, though.


I remember I was hitting on all the girls. I was hitting on ALL the girls. I think I had like seven girlfriends by the time I was doing that. There's like a "video girl" for all of the videos. There was a "candy" girl for "I Want Candy"… I remember I was part of the audition process with all the girls, and [so was] my mom.

I actually had my tour dancers with me. When you see us breaking it down with the choreography, it was so dope because we did it every night. I might be bringing back the same choreography for a lot of the songs, so when people come to the tour, they're gonna be like, "Oh!" A lot of people will change the choreography up -- I mean, I know my brother [Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter] has a lot of time and will do that. But I like to keep the original choreography, so that's gonna be on the tour.


I never met my parents [in the video]! It was like super-imposed! I never met them. Crazy, right? I remember watching the video and saying, 'Wait, where'd they come from?'


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