Aaron Carter Says Michael Jackson 'Passed Down the Torch' to Him

Aaron Carter
Shirlaine Forrest/Redferns via Getty Images

Aaron Carter performs on stage at Manchester Academy 3 on Jan. 14, 2015 in Manchester, United Kingdom

It's tricky to name a contemporary musical successor to Michael Jackson, given that he was one of the most successful and influential pop artists of all time. Aaron Carter believes that he is the person best suited for the title -- and in a new series of tweets, insists that Jackson agreed.

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In a series of seemingly unprompted tweets, the younger Carter insists that Jackson "passed down the torch" to him, saying that they "connected" because they were "the only ones of [their] kind." The original tweet, which went viral late last night, has since been deleted, though Carter has since defended his point vehemently (and left those posts live). In a longer statement, he spoke directly to the people making off-color jokes in response, saying, "Passing down the torch was exactly what he did, and being there for people and loving one another."

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See the full series of tweets below: 

Remember one very important thing. Michael passed down the torch to me. I never had to ask for him to do that. pic.twitter.com/XQm9Gzon9Q

 Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) November 23, 2015