Charlie Puth Takes Victory Lap (And Crowd Selfie) at L.A. Show: '1 Year Ago, I Was Doing None of This'

Charlie Puth
Brian Rasic/WireImage

Charlie Puth performs during the 2015 Apple Music Festival at The Roundhouse on Sept. 20, 2015 in London, England.  

We’ll definitely be seeing Charlie Puth again. The 23-year-old singer played Hollywood's intimate Troubadour on Wednesday night for a bit of a victory lap after a breakthrough year that included 12 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "See You Again."

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Below are Billboard’s top five favorite moments from the show:

"Nothing But Trouble"
This moment could have also been named "the time Lil Wayne almost appeared." Puth began the song by saying, “I never thought I’d do a song with Lil Wayne, but I did a song with Lil Wayne. I’m hyping it up right now like I’m going to bring him out, but Wayne isn’t here.” Any disappointment the audience may have had quickly evaporated as Puth launched into the song. During the chorus of “these Instagram models are nothing but trouble,” Puth made heads turn as he pointed up to the bleachers at Instagram princess Kylie Jenner.

“Can’t Feel My Face”
Puth and Kehlani’s “Hotline Bling” remix -- or, as we like to call it, “Puthline Bling” -- won people over, but it wasn’t the only cover he had up his sleeve. The New Jersey native announced it was time to “funkify this up” as he kicked into The Weeknd’s No. 1 hit.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie
Before transitioning into his next song, Puth asked the audience: “Someone give me their phone so we can take a selfie.” The result was a mass hysteria of screaming and iPhones being thrown in the air. “I can’t do everyone’s phone, but I just needed to do that,” the singer said as he handed back the phone looking proud.

“Marvin Gaye”
The band came back on for a rousing rendition of another one of Puth’s hits. It was clear that any member of the audience would’ve been willing to take Puth up on the song’s offer to get it on, as he showed his mastery of both vocals and piano. The crowd even got a special treat: a beatboxing session during Meghan Trainor’s part.

“See You Again”
The Puth/Wiz Khalifa hit is undoubtedly the song that launched Puth’s career, something the singer seemed very aware and appreciative of. He prefaced the final song with the story of how it happened. “It’s pretty crazy because one year ago, I was literally doing none of this,” Puth humbly told the crowd. He explained that music had always been his passion. His parents even put off buying a dinner table so they could get him a synthesizer. “We literally ate on the floor.” Finally, we learned how “See You Again” happened just before the song itself started. “I was pretending to be Vin Diesel,” he said -- and once he did, the song came to him in 10 minutes. As soon as the first chords started, the audience became transfixed and it became clear that those 10 minutes were packed with passion and inspiration.

Puth’s debut album, Nine Track Mind, will be available Jan. 29.