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Watch Justin Bieber Attempt a Robert De Niro Impression on Puppet Interview Show

Justin Bieber on "The Diego Show"

Justin Bieber made an interview appearance on Mexican YouTube series The Diego Show recently and let loose a bit with the show's puppet host. Oddly, this included Bieber showing off his very best Robert De Niro impression. 

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The whole show is very strange and pretty funny, with Bieber being cut off for the host Diego's depressing remarks about married life. But when he's asked to do an impression we get to see a new side of Bieber. 

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"I don't really have any [impressions] but I can do like the face of Robert De Niro," the pop star said. He then puckered up his mug for the camera in a very sort-of De Niro way. 

Watch the whole thing here: