Which Princestagram Sums Up Your Mood?

Nandy McClean for NPG Records
Prince photographed in 2015.

Prince gets you.

Musical prodigy, "Raspberry Beret" enthusiast, and on-again-off-again social media maven Prince is Instagram's freshest face. In his first 96 hours and 88 posts, The Purple One is already giving us Insta-goals. 

Prince Is On Instagram

With his wildcard vocals, we know he understands all of our feels musically, but his sassy snaps understand every mood on an arguably deeper levelSo, which "Princestagram" sums up your mood?

"Can’t Even"

For when you literally can’t even. And feel the urge to grip a pumpkin spiced latte. Prince knows. 

"Feelin’ Fierce"

For when you’re strutting around like you got Drake’s lip shade on before anyone else. 

"Reaching Home After a Long Day"

Face down!

"Really Not At All Fine"

Prince feels for you.

"Over It"

You’re so over it that you cannot even be in a photo of yourself as yourself. Prince understands the struggle. 

"When You Run Into Your Gym Crush"

You don't have to be cool to rule my world. You just have to remember my name. 

"Throwin’ Shade"

Left, right and center. You are NOT amused. 

"When Everything’s Going Your Way"

You’re full-on Taylor Swift-ing at life in this glorious moment in time. Rejoice.