Tyler Oakley on His 'Queen' Lady Gaga, New Book 'Binge' & 'Incredible' Success of Troye Sivan

Rae Marshall
Tyler Oakley

Social-media superstar, host and author Tyler Oakley dropped by the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast to discuss his new book Binge and upcoming documentary Snervous, his love of all things Lady Gaga and the musical success of his friend Troye Sivan. (Listen to his 15-minute interview below at the 38-minute mark.)

“It’s a good year for Gaga,” Oakley says of the diva, who he affectionately refers to as his “queen” and was recently named Billboard’s Woman of the Year. “This year, I'm happy that I think the general public can also see what I appreciate in her.”

Oakley -- who has previously interviewed first lady Michelle Obama and One Direction and has a half-billion views on his YouTube channel -- says he’s hoping to eventually secure a “real sit-down, one-hour interview” with Gaga.

During the podcast, Oakley also talked about his new book Binge and says it’s “half my life, half pop-culture commentary” and that “everything’s in there.”

“There's a lot I don't put on the table on YouTube,” Oakley says. “Whether it's relationships or family, or a lot about my high school life, my personal life day-to-day and what happens behind the scenes, I don't talk about that on YouTube, or in [my] podcast. It's all in the book!

“I really do feel like 'cut it all open, let myself spill out,' you know what I mean? That's how it feels.”

As for the musical success of his friend and fellow YouTube star Troye Sivan (who has notched two top-five-charting albums on the Billboard 200), Oakley says, “It’s incredible.”

“I think the concept of people being able to be in charge of their own destiny within the entertainment industry, whether it's music or film or book or whatever -- it's a cool moment. Because it's not just for them, but it's also for the people -- the kids, and the fans, and the fandom -- that see that happen and feel empowered to follow their dreams. And so when I think about Troye, he very much took everything into his own hands and made it happen.”