Adele Says She'll Ditch Naming Albums After Her Age

Lauren Dukoff


Adele's third full-length, "25," is due out Nov. 20.

While the music world waits excitedly for Adele’s third album release, the British singer is already thinking about No. 4. And she has a title in mind. 

Beats1 host Zane Lowe caught up with Adele on Oct. 22 to talk about the much-anticipated 25, which is slated to drop Nov. 20. A snippet of the interview has aired just hours out from the release of Adele’s comeback single, “Hello.”

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Early in the segment, Lowe quipped that Adele was too young to have to lie about her age. Sessions for the album began when she was 25, though time has moved on. “I was 20 when 19 came out. I was 23 when 21 came out. I am 27. And so proud of being 27, thanks very much,” she explained. “But I quite liked it when I was 25.”

She then admitted she would do away with her system of naming albums after her age. “I think this will be my last age one. I’m sure I’m wrong with this but I feel there’s been a massive change in me in the last couple of years." 

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The artist, who became a parent for the first time in 2012, continues: “I feel like how I feel about myself is maybe how I’ll feel forever now…I changed my opinions on things, changed my feelings of myself and other people and stuff. But I feel like the idea of calling albums after my age is showing a photograph almost of what’s going on in my life then and there. I feel like not that much is going to change profoundly in me from now on in terms of how important eras of my life are to myself. So I think the next one will probably be called Adele. It will be, I’m not joking.”

The single and video for "Hello" will premiere in the coming hours. Lowe's interview will air in full at 2.30am ET on Chart show and again in the morning during his Beats1 show. Listen to the snippet below.