Robyn on La Bagatelle Magique Producer Christian Falk's Passing: 'There's Nothing Good About It'

Alessio Bolzoni
La Bagatelle Magique, Robyn's new project, photographed in 2015.

In a new feature with Yours Truly, Robyn and her La Bagatelle Magique bandmate Markus Jägerstedt remember their friend producer Christian Falk, who died last summer at 52. 

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"Losing him -- there's nothing good about it," Robyn said in the profile that's accompanied by a video short as well. "Sometimes you really want to find reasons. You want to say that there's a reason for everything. I don't think that there's any reason at all in the world why -- when someone gets sick like that and they go through so much pain, and everyone around them goes through so much pain."

As Robyn and Jägerstedt created the band's Love Is Free EP, which was released in August, she understood they knew Falk was dying. But rather than it derailing their creative process, it inspired them all to push harder. 

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"When we made this music, even when we knew Christian was gonna die, he was super in love with his life," she said. "It was like he made up his mind. Like, ‘I'm not gonna try to make it into something it's not. I'm just gonna mix. I'm just gonna make this collage and go for it this time.' And I think that's what was so inspiring to us."

When Falk did die, it was up to Robyn and Jägerstedt to continue on with their work. And, trying as it was, they did just that. 

Read the full piece here and watch the Yours Truly "Love Is Free" short below.