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Nick Jonas Releases 'Area Code' Music Video: Watch

Courtesy of VEVO
Nick Jonas in the video for "Area Code."

Nick Jonas is still riding on the rising success of his latest single “Levels,” but now he’s letting his SoundCloud release “Area Code” shine.

Jonas released the video for “Area Code” on Friday, showcasing a sound that definitely leans more towards hip-hop compared to the singer’s previous releases, which veered closer to pop and soul.

Is Nick Jonas' New Song 'Area Code' About Selena Gomez?

When Jonas first released “Area Code” in September, there was speculation that the song was inspired by the singer’s rumored (but hardly confirmed) fling with Selena Gomez (the two were spotted together around the same time). Nick even favorited a few fans’ tweets making the connection between his song and Selena, specifically the “good for you” line, which could possibly allude to Gomez's single of the same title.

So releasing the music video on the same day that Gomez released her much-anticipated album Revival is definitely an interesting move by Jonas.