Adam Lambert Channels Las Vegas, 'Magic Mike' for 'Another Lonely Night' Video

Adam Lambert - Another Lonely Night [Official Music Video
Courtesy Photo

Adam Lambert's "Another Lonely Night" music video.

Paul McCartney once asked "All the lonely people, where do they all come from?", and Adam Lambert has finally given us the answer: Las Vegas.

The impersonal glitz of Sin City is the setting for Lambert's music video for "Another Lonely Night," one of the very best tracks (and second single) from his third album The Original High.

The clip follows four lonely people as they go about their daily routine, performing for smiling tourists while nursing wounds on the inside. Lambert is a stylish nightclub singer (not too hard to imagine), another guy is a fireman stripper with Magic Mike moves, one woman officiates quickie Vegas weddings, and another is a chorus girl.

The video concludes as lonely as it started, though at least a couple of these sad souls have dogs. Watch the sad, lovely clip below.