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50 TV Theme Songs That Have Hit the Billboard Charts

MIley Cyrus; Hannah Montana
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A theme song is a TV show's first impression.

"Here's the story … of a lovely lady …" sets the tone for the family-friendly fun of The Brady Bunch"Here we come … walking down the street …” signals that 30 minutes of goofy adventures await The Monkees (and viewers). And "New boy in the neighborhood, lives downstairs …" instantly leaves no doubt that it's none other than Charles in Charge (of our days, and our nights).

While countless catchy TV themes have become synonymous with beloved shows over more than a half-century, a relatively select few have gone on to further commendation: becoming Billboard chart hits. From the themes of Bonanza, Batman and Hawaii Five-O in the 1960s to CopsFriends and Party of Five in the '90s, an elite selection of TV themes has scaled, and topped, Billboard charts.

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The '60s to '90s were TV themes' heyday, as shorter attention spans have given way to most shows now simply starting, with credits rolling over opening scenes. Still, music remains a major part of TV, thanks to GleeAmerican IdolThe Voice and other music-centric shows in recent years (including the annual Billboard Music Awards!)

In honor of the new TV fall season, click below for a look at 50 TV themes that proved so likable that they also became Billboard chart hits. From "Boy, the way Glenn Miller played …" to "Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got …" to "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?," sing along, and watch in your head, imagining 30 or 60 minutes of blissful escapism ahead, all over again.


Listen to all 50 TV theme songs in our Spotify playlist below and click above to get all the details on the list.