Cady Groves Shares Her Irresistible 'Dreams': Exclusive

Cady Groves 2015
Courtesy Photo

Cady Groves

Cady Groves is letting fans into her head with new single "Dreams," the title track from her upcoming EP of the same name. Dreams typically happen at night, but this sprightly, buoyant pop song radiates sunshine as Groves ruminates her possible life choices.

"Could have been the Lion Queen/Could have been the next James Dean/Could have been a mother of three by now, probably -- ha!" she sings, but concludes, "All that I need don't cost a thing because dreaming is free."

"My new single, 'Dreams,' is kind of my alternate personality shining through. It's a chance for people to see the happy-go-lucky 'anything can happen' Cady," Groves tells Billboard. "This song was really fun to write because the message comes across that no matter what life throws at you, you can dream a dream and make it come true -- and while your failures are yours, it's important to remember that your accomplishments are, too!”

Listen to the irresistible "Dreams" exclusively below and catch the Dreams EP out Oct. 2 via Vel Records. Groves will support Dreams with fall and winter tour dates, and keep your eyes peeled for the "Dreams" video in the coming weeks.