Simon Le Bon Recalls 'Magical' First Duran Duran Meeting -- When He Wore Pink Leopard-Print Pants

Stephanie Pistel
Duran Duran

With the recent release of Paper Gods, Duran Duran’s latest album, the band has been making its promotional rounds with the media. In a new interview with CBS News, frontman Simon Le Bon took a moment to get a bit nostalgic, retelling the memorable story of what went down when he first met his future bandmates.

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Le Bon, who was living in Birmingham, England, for university at the time, had just broken up with his girlfriend -- “there were other parties involved,” he noted. He thought she’d left town, but she hadn’t. Instead, she got a job at a local nightclub, where she met Duran Duran, described by Le Bon as “the band without a singer.” She introduced them to her ex.

“After about two weeks, I got a phone call,” Le Bon said. “I thought it was a booty call, as you call it … But it wasn't. It was a career call. She said, 'I think you really need to go meet these guys because they're looking for a singer, and I think you might be just the person who could close the ring.’”

“So I did,” he continued, “and it was so natural. It was so obvious that I was right for them and they were right for me.”

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“We dressed the same. We had the same kind of outlook. We were positive, happy people. We weren't all given to complaining -- we wanted to do something about our situations,” he said, calling that first meeting “magical.”

The most fun detail of his story, however, may be the confirmation of what he was wearing at the time: a white evening jacket and "a pair of faded, maroon leopard skin, skintight jeans” that had actually turned pink because they’d been washed so many times.

“I actually way preferred [pink] to the original maroon color,” Le Bon admitted.