Daya EP Premiere: Hear The 'Hide Away' Singer's Debut Release

Chán Andre

Daya’s debut single “Hide Away” has been one of pop’s hidden treasures this summer: fun, frothy and full of personality, the track has popped up on Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50 chart and hopes to someday crack Top 40 proper. Before that, Daya (pronounced “dey - uh” ) is releasing her self-titled debut EP through Artbeatz, which Billboard is premiering before it’s released on Friday (Sept. 4). Take a listen below:

The 16-year-old singer-songwriter studied at the Accelerando Music Conservatory outside of Pittsburgh before being discovered by producer-songwriter Gino Barletta, who helped Daya record “Hide Away.” The rest of the Daya EP displays the young artist’s musicianship and knack for straightforward, emotionally revealing lyrics.

"Each song on this EP has a piece of my heart, and I really hope that my fans can find pieces of themselves in it, too,” says Daya. “One of my favorite tracks is 'Sit Still, Look Pretty' because it reminds young women that we can and should fight for our own dreams and ambitions, even if it doesn't always look 'pretty.’”

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