Disclosure Shares Details on Lorde Collaboration 'Magnets' From New Album


“'Magnets'” was a really nicely written song," says Guy Lawrence of U.K. dance duo Disclosure. In a recent conversation with Spin, the duo shared some details on working with "Magnets" collaborator Lorde on "the shortest song [they've] ever made as Disclosure," which will be featured on their upcoming Caracal album. 

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It was only a few months ago when the songstress posted a Twitter picture of the trio "making tunes and getting oreo milkshakes," a move which spawned widespread speculation and collective excitement amongst the acts' fans. "I actually didn’t know she took it," Guy told Spin. "I didn’t know either," his brother Howard chimes in. However unintentional on Lorde's part, the post unfolded a very vocal response that has since built anticipation for the album due out on Sept. 25. 

"She was involved with every aspect of the song as opposed to just doing the lyrics and melodies and then leaving the rest to us," Guy said. "It was like someone challenging us, someone saying, 'We can get that extra ten percent'.”

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That extra 10 percent is apparent throughout Lorde and Disclosure's creative repertoires. Don't be surprised if "Magnets" stays true to the reputations that precede them. 

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