Brayton Bowman Premieres 'The Update' EP: Exclusive

MNEK, Ryan Ashley and Tre Jean-Marie contribute to the Harlem singer-songwriter's latest.

Harlem-based singer-songwriter Brayton Bowman has premiered his new EP, The Update, exclusively on Billboard.

The project, which features contributions from MNEK, Tre Jean-Marie, Blonde’s Jacob Mason, Ryan Ashley and Donna Missal, follows the R&B-influenced artist’s Here | Now EP, which he released to SoundCloud in late 2014.

"The title sort of speaks for itself,” the 21-year-old tells Billboard. “The Update is a bit of a musical progress report on my life. It's a snapshot of what's on my mind. What's going on in my head and how I feel. In a way it's just the new-new. The next installment.”

Currently unsigned, Bowman has released a handful of tracks from The Update, including “Skin Deep.” “Let’s just call this one my Tinder-ella lament,” he explains of the track. “In it’s own little way, this song is a sentimental homage to every man in a 10-mile radius that I might’ve matched with on Tinder in my first six months of living in New York. ‘Skin Deep’ is about that moment you realize the only reason you’re dating someone is because of how you both look in your selfies and the two of you have absolutely nothing in common. Its shallow and shitty but we all do it.”

Listen to the EP below.