Pharrell Shares Strange Michael Jackson Story

Pharrell Williams 2015
Mike Pont/Getty Images

Pharrell Williams performs during day one of the 2015 FOLD Festival at Martha Clara Vineyards on Aug. 4, 2015 in Riverhead, New York.

Pharrell revealed the story of the first time he met Michael Jackson in a preview of OTHERtone, his Beats 1 show with Scott Vener -- and it's...interesting. Also, it includes Justin Timberlake.

"I met him two times," Williams says. "He comes in, he's tall, standing there, two beautiful women walk in, he kisses one. It's a moment!" Williams explains. "It ain't like no peck, it's a situation. [The women] look Brazilian, and I'm like, 'Wow!’ He's the king of catching you off guard."

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After that rather abrupt introduction to the King of Pop, Pharrell says Jackson turned down the songs that he had brought for him. "I don't think he realized that I was going to give those songs to Justin [Timberlake]," Williams added, which eventually led to his second interaction with MJ.

"So I’m in the studio with Justin, and they say, 'Got a call for you on line 1, it's Michael Jackson,'" he says. "So I'm thinking it's one of my friends trying to be funny. And I heard someone eating popcorn in my ear, that's how I know that it's him. He's the king of control, I think he invented it! He's like, 'Hey, okay, you working with Justin? Ah that's really nice, okay cool, well you guys have a great session, tell Justin I said hello. And Justin was like, 'Who was that? Michael? Yeah he does that.'"

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Listen to Williams recount the memorable interactions below: