Charlie Puth Is 'Moving On' From Resurfaced Bare-Butt Pic

Catie Laffoon
Charlie Puth photographed in 2015 for Atlantic Records.

But it's not the first time he's displayed his body on social media: "I just want to show off sometimes," he told Billboard recently.

First there was Justin Bieber, then John Legend, and now Charlie Puth has joined the growing list of male musicians who have revealed their butts on social media.

But the "See You Again" singer wasn't trying to follow the trend: He actually posted the picture of himself showing off his backside on Tumblr a few years ago, and it resurfaced on Monday (Aug. 10). The photo has now been deleted from his official page, but fans can still see the selfie here.

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He also apologized on Twitter for offending anyone, asking people to move on from the old photo.

By taking a look back through his Tumblr, Puth isn't afraid to strip down for his fans. The 23-year-old hasn't blogged since January, but a few years ago, he posted multiple pictures of himself wrapped in towels or barely covered by a guitar.The "Marvin Gaye" singer recently talked to Billboard for the Pop Shop Podcast about his No. 1 hit "See You Again," and in these previously unheard quotes, he discussed his popularity on social media -- particularly Twitter and Snapchat.

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"People always ask me why do I have my shirt off -- I'm just proud of this body," Puth sarcastically told Billboard at the time. "I work out a lot. I'm a pretty insecure person sometimes. I just want to show off sometimes."

Can you guess who's next to bare all?

--Additional reporting by Keith Caulfield