One Direction Rock MetLife Stadium: 5 Memorable Moments

Brian Killian/FilmMagic
One Direction performs at MetLife Stadium on August 5, 2015 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

To the surprise of absolutely no one and to the chagrin of the many parents in the audience, the decibel level at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey was out of control for nearly the entirety of One Direction's touchdown in New Jersey Wednesday night (August 5).

Of course, the group members are used to the noise level that accompanies them wherever they go, and used it as point of audience interaction throughout the evening, with Harry Styles asking the crowd to both scream as loudly as they could (crowd nailed it), and then to see if they were able to be totally silent (eh, not so much). 

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Throughout the two-hour show following Icona Pop's killer opening set, the guys were their playful selves, interacting with the crowd more than in previous tours, expressing how grateful they were to their fans during a particularly big year for the band (an extended shout-out went prior to their upbeat performance of "No Control," which the fans have adopted as an unofficial single this summer). The group excitedly ran around the stage on high-energy tracks such as closer "Best Song Ever," and regularly joked with each other in a way that begets hundreds of GIFs.

1D would be forgiven for sticking mainly to tunes off of last fall's Four, as they've been touring nearly non-stop the past few years and are likely sick of some of their older, more beloved tunes. But the 25-song setlist was a mix that included their most popular early tracks like "What Makes You Beautiful" but also non-singles from all the albums, whether that be a standout "Little Black Dress" or "Little White Lies."

Check out five memorable moments from their On The Road Again tour stop below. 

1. Missing Zayn Malik.
The fifth member of 1D wasn't mentioned at all throughout the evening, which seemed a bit odd -- but to be fair, how often should they really bring it up? It's not like anyone at the concert is unaware that Malik left the group. While overheard conversations noted that Malik was openly missed by many in the audience, the band covered his part well. Liam Payne deserves a special shout-out for breaking out a couple incredible high notes during "Through the Dark," which got extended applause and scream breaks.

2. "Don't Forget Where You Belong"
In perhaps their best deep cut performance of the evening, Niall Horan got to show off his guitar skills in a moving rendition of "Don't Forget Where You Belong," which found the whole stadium lit up with cell phone lights, and, as one of the quieter moments of the show, allowed some real emotion to take place. 

3. The Signs
The signage game was particularly strong on Wednesday night, with Payne and Louis Tomlinson acknowledging a handful of posters throughout the crowd (Tomlinson did not nod to any of the signs pointing out his impending fatherhood). Just in one section of the floor, there were posters of marriage proposals (natch), as well as a particularly clever sign with the guys' heads on a Fantastic Four poster. Get that on a t-shirt, stat.

4. Harry Styles
If there is a band leader, it's clearly Styles, who was the most engaged with the eager crowd throughout the night, regularly tossing water from his water bottle onto delighted fans or blowing kisses from all angles. While encouraging audience participation in the form of clapping and stomping to Midnight Memories' "Through the Dark," Styles even specifically called out a couple dads who he saw were attempting to just remain seated, which is, like, so embarrassing for their preteen daughters and, like, so charming for everyone else.

5. "Drag Me Down"
There was a palpable growth of excitement from the group when they got to play their latest for one of the first times, thanking fans for the great response to the track (it will likely debut in the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, and has already broken Spotify records). Payne then got everyone excited for even more new music by announcing that the group had "just finished" recording their next album.

Cue the screams.