5 Artists You Didn't Know Were College Grads

Neil Krug
Lana Del Rey photographed in 2015.

It's almost that time of year again...

While you're probably dreading going back to school (or maybe you're super excited!), don't stress too much. In just a few short years, you could be a celebrity. Or, more likely, have something in common with these artists -- a college degree!

So who's got one?? 

1. John Legend

Smarty pants Legend graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999 with a B.A in English. Want to feel a little worse? He turned down a scholarship to Harvard and Georgetown University. Yeah, us too....

2. "Weird Al" Yankovic

Good ol' Al might be weird, but the bro ain't stupid. Yankovic attended California Polytech State University majoring in architecture. Fun Fact: He came up with "Weird Al" for his college radio station, and he's gone by the self-proclaimed name ever since.

3. Ludacris

You read right! Luda's a Georgia State University grad with a bachelor's degree in music management. During school he interned at Hot 107.9 where he later kicked off his career as a host. We know -- it's ludicrous!

4. Lana Del Rey

The alt-pop princess majored in philosophy at New York City's Fordham University and lived in the Bronx for four years. Post graduation, Del Rey moved to Brooklyn, where she lived for another four years while building her career.

5. Tom Morello

Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Morello finished all four years at Harvard University, earning a degree in social studies. He even worked in the U.S Senate for a bit post-grad!