Dumblonde Video Premiere: Watch 'Dreamsicle' from the Ex-Danity Kane Duo

Dumb Blonde
Courtesy of dumblonde


dumblonde is a pop duo that has risen from the ashes of the failed Danity Kane reunion, as Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex have decided to form their own girl group. The duo will release its debut album in September, and the full-length will include “dreamsicle,” the first single recorded by dumblonde following DK’s breakup.

Watch the “dreamsicle” music video, premiering exclusively on Billboard.com:

Directed by pop veteran Alfredo Flores, the “dreamsicle” clip was filmed after dumblonde co-wrote the song with O’Day’s ex-boyfriend Travis Garland, as well as songwriter Hailey Steele. The song is one of five songs already released from dumblonde, which will be independently released on Sept. 25.

“We started out this project knowing that visually we wanted to create a different story behind each song,” says O’Day. “Each video is in a different stylistic format that, when combined, create the full picture of the many facets that create 'dumblonde'.”

The 2013 Danity Kane reunion was cut short when O’Day, Bex and Dawn Richard engaged in a physical altercation in the studio last August. The dumblonde album can be pre-ordered here.