Three Years of Fifth Harmony: Hear Five of Their Best Deep Cuts

Ramona Rosales
Fifth Harmony photographed Jan. 21, 2015 at The Orlando Hotel in Los Angeles.

These 5H non-singles rock as hard as "Worth It" and "Sledgehammer."

On July 27, 2012, Fifth Harmony officially formed as a set of five contestants on the U.S. version of The X Factor competing for the top prize; Normani, Ally, Lauren, Camila and Dinah didn't end up winning the season, but three years later, Fifth Harmony is pop's most promising girl group, and are currently riding their biggest hit to date as well as headlining shows across the continent.

Fifth Harmony Are 'Kind of Surprised' that 'Worth It' is Now Their Biggest Hit

Casual fans know "Worth It," "Sledgehammer" and "BO$$" -- but Fifth Harmony are more than their three most successful singles. These five songs represent the group's coolest deep cuts, from both their Reflection album and the period prior to its release. Happy third birthday, Fifth Harmony!

"Them Girls Be Like"

The tongue-clicks on "Them Girls Be Like" aren't only reserved for the sonic tapestry. The snappy non-single also checks the haters and Instagram over-users as the five harmonizers stick together, above all.


This would make the list solely because of the "FLEX! TURN UP!" shouted at the 10-second mark and the Lil Terrio reference, but Reflection's slick title track further impresses by flipping the sensually supportive lyrical coos into a self-empowering mantra.

"Going Nowhere"

Clap along to this clap back aimed at a guy attempting to weasel his way out of a perfectly solid relationship. "Sit yourself down, because you know you're gonna stay/Boy, you better listen to the words I say," the girls seethe over hissing percussion and chewy synthesizer.

"Who Are You"

Fifth Harmony was still searching for its identity on 2013's Better Together EP, but "Who Are You" represents perhaps the group's finest ballad to date, as well as a solid preview of what was to come on Reflection. The female protagonist feeling bewildered by a guy with unclear motives on "Who Are You" eventually transformed into a strong woman who has no time for games on 5H's first full-length.

"Don't Wanna Dance Alone" (Cole Plante Remix)

This official remix of the Better Together track heightens the original's spastic fun while still letting the quintet shine. If you heard this on radio, your shoulders would undoubtedly start to wiggle.