A Great Big World's Chad King Explains How 'Hold Each Other' Became a 'Coming Out Song'

A Great Big World at Firefly 2014
Dan Briggs

A Great Big World backstage at Firefly Music Festival 2014

A Great Big World's new single "Hold Each Other" started as a standard love song between a man and a woman, but it wound up meaning so much more for the duo's Chad King. 

"It's sort of a big coming out song for me," King told 103.7 KVIL in Highland Park, Texas, on Tuesday.

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King said that he and his musical partner Ian Axel had written the song with the line, "Something happens when I hold her," and Axel posed it to him, "Chad, how are you going sing this and deliver it honestly?"

Somewhat crassly, radio personality Leigh Ann Adam responded saying that's because King thinks vaginas are gross. 

"Vaginas can look nice sometimes but I just don't want to hold a vagina," King replied. 

King continued, describing a personal struggle over whether he could sing a love song about a man instead of a woman, changing that "her" to a "him."

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"I was like, 'I can't do this, no one does this, it doesn't feel comfortable, there's no way I can do this,'" he said. "And I thought about it for like two seconds and said, 'I have to do this.' This is my truth, people will respond to that. I know they will and I hope it inspires other people to sing about their own truth or or speak about their own, you know?"

King said his whole life as a singer and songwriter he's habitually sung about girls "because it's just what people do." 

"That's what the pop world is like, and that's sort of what I'm hoping we can do to change things," he said.

"Hold Each Other" will be officially released Wednesday. 

Listen to the interview here