Justin Bieber's 10 Best Music Videos

Courtesy of VEVO
Justin Bieber in the video for "Baby."

Justin Bieber has always excelled at the music video format -- after establishing his musical talent via YouTube, the combination of his dance moves and good looks have made his official clips catnip for pop fans. Say, hypothetically, one was unfamiliar with the music video oeuvre of the Biebs. Where would one start? What would one do? Luckily, we are here to guide the Bieber novices through his most essential visuals.

Before Justin Bieber takes the stage for a special performance at the inaugural Billboard Hot 100 Fest, check out this rundown of his 10 best music videos to date:

10. One Time

Most kids can relate to having a blast at a PG-rated house party, and also having a blast with cans of silly string. Most kids cannot relate to receiving casual calls from Usher while playing video games and having a party at Usher's house, but that's what made us aspire to be like the Biebs.

9. Somebody To Love Remix feat. Usher

Bieber's best straight-ahead dance clip, the "Somebody To Love" version with Usher appears designed for fans of the futuristic choreography of the Step Up franchise.

8. Mistletoe

Justin will swag, swag, swag on you in the snow, and will even spring for the photo booth. And when a sneaky blonde comes into play, he will make it up to you with a new dress and a date in an old-timey car.

7. Confident feat. Chance The Rapper

"Confident" is crazy underrated, just like the rest of Journals, and the darkly enticing video loses a few points for the line "I'd like to Taki to you on the phone." Come on, Justin. You're better than that!

6. Boyfriend

Honestly, that false-start intro is pretty brilliant -- like a DJ running back a particularly hot verse. The video trick also lets you hear "chilling by the fire while we eating fondue" twice, so, you know, wins all around.

5. Where Are Ü Now with Skrillex & Diplo

Much like the song, the "Where Are Ü Now" video allows longtime fans to see a glimpse of Bieber 2.0: a vulnerable adult who hasn't lost any of his musical prowess. The fan art concept is simple but effective, too.

4. Beauty And A Beat feat. Nicki Minaj

This one-camera wonder is technically dazzling, especially when you remember that the Biebs himself directed it. Also, love the tutu, Nicki.

3. One Less Lonely Girl

This video is crazy because it opens with Justin Bieber playing guitar in a LAUNDROMAT. Like, just chilling out at the laundromat, staring at the cute girl with the LAUNDRY BASKET and expecting her to drop an item of clothing for him to pick up, which is exactly what happens. And for years after this video release, meet-cutes started going down at laundromats across the country. This video is historic.

2. As Long As You Love Me feat. Big Sean

Dramatic Bieber? Michael Madsen growling through the intro? Pay phones playing a pivotal narrative role in a 2012 video? SOLD.

1. Baby feat. Ludacris

There's a reason this one is the one with over a billion YouTube views: the "Baby" video is fun, flirty and altogether adorable, with the bowling alley serving as a perfect backdrop to young love (and breakdancing). Good for Bieber for nailing the concept to his best single to date.