Icona Pop on One Direction Tour: 'It's Such a Big Circus, But You Become Pretty Close With Everyone'

Icona Pop
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Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo of Icona Pop visit "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood on July 14, 2015 in Universal City, California.  

The duo are also looking forward to their new EP, arriving this month.

Swedish duo Icona Pop have been locked away in the studio for four months but have finally emerged and are hitting the road on a major tour with the four lads of One Direction.

“When you go on tour, it’s such a big circus, but you become pretty close with everyone,” Caroline Hjelt told Billboard. “It’s such a good vibe.”

Hjelt and Aino Jawo are currently the only opening act for One Direction’s On the Road Again 2015 U.S. tour. You might remember the duo for their 2012 hit single "I Love It," which peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart for two weeks.

Icona Pop have already played two 1D shows in California -- in Santa Clara and San Diego -- and said playing giant stadiums is quite different than their usual House of Blues crowds.

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“I almost get more nervous when I play at smaller venues than huge venues because then you can see faces and expressions of everyone in the room,”Jawo said. “If someone starts to leave the room, you see that person. But when it’s that big, sometimes things tend to blend -- and that’s also what I love. The amazing thing is that when you learn to talk to a crowd of 50,000 people and people respond to what you’re saying, it’s just so crazy.”

For the One Direction fans who might not know about Icona Pop, the two girls try to keep things interesting while performing by showing off their dance moves, playing new instruments and playing pranks on each other. Hjelt said she always wants to go onstage feeling nervous because she feels like she owes that to her fans.

From switching songs last-minute to playing each other’s instruments, Hjelt and Jawo always try to throw each other off-guard in each of their sets and keep each other on their toes.

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"You just get so thrown off in the moment,” Hjelt said, laughing. “You’re just like, ‘Oh no! Am I doing something wrong? How am I going to save this? I’m in front of 70,000 people right now. Shit!’”

The singing partners have enjoyed getting to play a few new songs from their upcoming EP on the tour. The EP, which will be released sometime this month, features three new songs, including an updated version of one of the very first songs Icona Pop ever wrote, called “First Time.” Hjelt said the EP is just a small preview of what their future album will sound like.

After the girls finish their tour with One Direction on Sept. 12 in Foxborough, Mass., they promise big things ahead for their fans, including a new album, a solo tour and very little downtime.

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“We have a lot of plans... There’s not going to be a lot of free time,” Hjelt said. “It’s going to be a busy time ahead, in a good way.”

Check out Icona Pop on tour with One Direction here and their new music video for their latest single "Emergency" below: