Top 15 Underrated Boy Band Jams

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Boy Band Week's 15 Underrated Boy Band Songs featuring Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, The Wanted and more!

It’s Boy Band Week on Billboard.com! Check out these forgotten gems from 5ive, 2Gether, SoulDecision and more.

On the first day of Boy Band Week 2015, we celebrated the classic boy band tracks -- the "I Want It That Way's," the "Bye Bye Bye's," the "What Makes You Beautiful's." But smash hits are not just what this week is all about: we are also toasting the under appreciated boy band tracks from the one-hit wonders, groups with way bigger hits and everyone in between. Looking for tributes to Westlife, LMNT and Dream Street? You've come to the right place.

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Check out our picks for the 15 underrated boy band jams you need to revisit (or discover):

98 Degrees, "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)"

Sure, it's a ham-fisted attempt at combining the boy band and Latin pop strains that separately dominated the year 2000, but "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" is still an enjoyably dumb facsimile that's difficult not to sing along to 15 years later.

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LFO, "Every Other Time"

This makes it mainly because of the MTV's Cribs sorta-parody in the music video. Does that LFO guy have a jacuzzi in his bedroom? Ah, the early 2000's…

Westlife, "Bop Bop Baby"

Pound for pound, this might be the most unintentionally hilarious boy band music video ever made. "Bop Bop Baby" was a modest-sized hit overseas, but fortunately, unfamiliar U.S. audiences can now watch this riotous masterpiece.

*N SYNC, "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"

Few would describe "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" as their favorite *N SYNC song, but it's an ace holiday single with snappy harmonies and a simple message. RIP Gary Coleman, of course.

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Another Bad Creation, "Playground"

Before B2K, 112 or Mindless Behavior, Another Bad Creation was teaching the world the ABC's of G-rated New Jack Swing with "Playground."

The Wanted, "I Found You"

The bubble had already burst on the Wanted's U.S. success story by the time "I Found You" was released, but the falsetto-heavy chorus and Nathan Sykes' solo still make us feel light-headed.

Boyz II Men, "Time After Time (A Cappella)"

From 2009's Love album, this is probably the most silky-smooth version you'll ever hear of a song that's been covered endlessly.

SoulDecision, "Faded"

The Cheese Factor is high, but SoulDecision's "Faded" remains a sly fun sing-along with a killer hook (and a pretty awful rap bridge, but still).

2Gether, "The Hardest Part About Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)"

"Calculus" is considered the go-to 2Gether single, but the parody boy band's "The Hardest Part Of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)" is way funnier (sample lyric: "There was a time when I'd trust you alone/I'd call you up, girl, but you took my phone!"). Also, three words: Kevin Farley Breakdown.

Backstreet Boys, "Incomplete"

BSB's pop culture reign ended with their Black & Blue album, but "Incomplete," from 2005's Never Gone, is a stunning ballad that should have been much, much bigger.

5ive, "If Ya Gettin' Down"

A rap song for those who consider Jock Jams terrifyingly intense, 5ive's "If Ya Gettin' Down" was actually a huge hit in the U.K., but probably not for lines like "Wiggi wiggy, I'm getting jiggy/Open up the door, I got the keys to your city." Okay, it probably was because of that line.

NKOTB, "Remix (I Like The)"

Silly, stylish and sonically adventurous: NKOTB, now adults, are making the type of music they should be making at this point in their run. Oh, and watch the video -- seriously. Right now.

LMNT, "Hey Juliet"

LMNT (for those who may not remember, they were runners-up to O-Town on Making The Band) might not have the strongest grasp on interpreting Shakespearean tragedy, but damn, that pre-chorus still knocks.

One Direction, "Little Black Dress"

How was one of the best rock songs of 2013 never released as a single? "Little Black Dress," from 1D's Midnight Memories album, successfully reimagines the boy bands as a particularly loud garage-rock outfit.

Dream Street, "It Happens Everytime"

The YouTube channel that posted this video is called "THE DREAM MAY BE GONE BUT IT STILL LIVES ON!". Yeah, that's pretty accurate, actually.

What's your favorite underrated boy band single? Sound off below.