Amy Winehouse Reveals Her Funny Side in Never-Before-Seen 2004 Home Video: Exclusive

The filmmakers behind the new Amy Winehouse documentary Amy used footage of the singer from her family and friends to tell her tragic story, as discussed in this week's Billboard cover story -- but not all the personal footage made it into the movie. In a never-before-seen home video shot by the singer's close friend and former manager Nick Shymansky, which Billboard has exclusively, Winehouse's funny side is revealed. 

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"This clip takes me back to a happy time with Amy," Shymansky tells Billboard about the 2004 home video. "Amy and I had been flown out to New York by Universal to meet the U.S. arm of the record label -- who after meeting Amy didn't want to release Frank. We didn't let that bother us and we made the most of our free trip by walking around Manhattan, shopping, sight seeing and eating at nice lunch spots. I'd say 60% of my time with Amy was both her and I going in and out of role play from old people, Hasidic Jews to Russian and Spanish. We'd both end up in hysterics, and this clip captures that vibe."

Watch the exclusive clip above of Winehouse goofing around and trying on a (very strong) Russian accent.

Courtesy of the Winehouse Family

Read the full Billboard Amy Winehouse cover story hereAmy opens in theaters in New York and L.A. on July 3 and nationally on July 10.