Sean Lennon Talks Yoko, Kanye & His Favorite Beatles Songs

Sean Lennon
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Sean Lennon

Sean Lennon recently gave an exclusive interview to the Humanity, the biannual publication of denim brand Citizens of Humanity, where discussed his inspirations (perhaps unsurprisingly, his famous parents John Lennon and Yoko Ono rank high on the list), his favorite Beatles songs, and what he thinks about Kanye West working alongside his father's former collaborator, Paul McCartney

Lennon attributes his first musical efforts to the work of his prodigious father, but not in the way you might think -- “It’s not like I had the Beatles hanging out jamming in my house," he says. "When he died," he tells Humanity, "I remember feeling like there was sort of a vacuum that had been left. I used to just try to play the piano to connect with my idea of what I thought he was, being a musician and stuff. I think at first my inspiration came from just wanting to find some connection to my dad."

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His mother, Yoko Ono, is equally inspiring as a musical collaborator. “She’s incredible in terms of her lyrical capability," he tells the magazine. "I mean she’ll write like 3 or 4 songs a day in the studio. That makes it really fun, so often we’ll make it up as we go along.”

Lennon's favorite Beatles songs? " 'Strawberry Fields' and 'I Am the Walrus,' " he says, "the stuff that’s really more out there.”

The artist hasn't had a chance to listen to the most recent Beatles output, though -- Paul McCartney's work with Kanye. “I actually haven’t heard the music he did with Kanye," he tells the magazine, "but I thought it was really funny that people didn’t know who he was and all the Kanye fans were like 'Man, that Paul is going to be really famous after Kanye worked with him.' I think it’s cool that Paul wants to work with Kanye, it’s kind of fun, it makes the world more interesting that those two people want to collaborate."

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"Kanye often seems silly," he concludes, "but I think he is a real artist and I do like his music.”

Read the entire interview in Humanity magazine here. The print issue of Humanity magazine will be available from July 1st at Colette, Book Marc stores, Gagosian galleries and LACMA.