Watch Celeste Buckingham Handle the 'Unpredictable' in New Video: Exclusive

Celeste Buckingham
David Bean

Celeste Buckingham

Twenty-year-old pop singer Celeste Buckingham is no stranger to juggling. A reality show star who's garnered huge success on Europe's pop charts, Buckingham knows the struggle to have it all -- a struggle that's provided the inspiration for her new single "Unpredictable."

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Of the video, Buckingham says, "It's been a thrill to work on this project and have the ability to bring this song to life. I wanted to create something that would be relatable to everyone going through something unpredictable in their lives.

"We all want a way out," she continues, "and I think that with the music video we created we captured just what it's like to be a girl in a crazy world.”

Watch "Unpredictable" below: