Exclusive: Lady Gaga's Newest Venture Is Four-Legged Friendly

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga sighted at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Oct. 8, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.  

Little Monster pet parents, get ready: Lady Gaga’s newest venture will be a pet product line entirely devoted to crafting “quality, functional and purposeful products” representing the theatrical creativity of Gaga and her French bulldog, Miss Asia Kinney, Billboard has confirmed. 

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Gaga alluded to the oncoming venture Thursday on Instagram, posting fashion-style photo shoots of Miss Asia Kinney reading Vogue, driving a Rolls Royce in a tux and even enjoying an outdoor picnic of champagne and dog biscuits. Lavish! 


According to Gaga's manager, Bobby Campbell, Gaga and her team have been building this out for the past 6-8 months, where it all started “very organically through the love of her dog.”

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Miss Asia Kinney and Lady Gaga’s reps at WME engaged IMG Licensing to help create the diverse line, while also bringing on Cindy Bailey, former president of Entertainment One's pop culture and lifestyle licensing division and founder of global pop culture brands SO SO Happy and Skelanimals to do brand development under Gaga and her team.

“I really have a knack for what’s quality,” Gaga posted on Instagram today. “My vision is to find creative and functional ways for pets and their owners to bond! @MissAsiaKinney”.

In addition to the organic, grain-free pet food line she noted to on Instagram, Gaga will act as creative visionary and artistic director for a whole collection of chic and fashionable apparel, bowls, toys and accessories.

“This is not just about crazy outfits for dogs,” Campbell said. “It’s about giving pet parents and pet owners a fun and creative way for protecting their pets, as well as fun clothes to display on Instagram (because Gaga loves doing that).”

There is no set name or unveiling date just yet. Once available, Campbell said a portion of proceeds will go to “locally-based organizations that do great work with real pets,” specifically grassroots organizations that do not have the funds larger national ones do. We'll bark to that!

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