Justin Bieber in 'Seventeen' Cover Story: 'I'm Sorry If I've Let You Down'

Anthony Mandler/Seventeen Magazine
Justin Bieber on the cover of the June/July 2015 issue of Seventeen Magazine.

As Justin Bieber works to shed his snotty teenage image, the latest stop on his campaign is the cover of Seventeen magazine's June/July issue for which he opens up and takes responsibility for those antics that increasingly left a bad taste in the public's mouth. 

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"I was rebelling a little bit," Bieber tells the magazine in the issue that hits newsstands May 19. "I was getting cockier and cockier. I didn't have people to check me."

He goes on, "I looked back and I was disappointed in myself. You have to own up to the mistakes. You have to say, 'I'm sorry if I've let you down.'"

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Bieber has recently been running the gauntlet to redefine himself on what some are calling an "apology tour." This has included a Comedy Central roast, public acknowledgement on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he's done "some things that might not of been the greatest" and a continuous pushing the point with press that he's no longer a bratty boy but now a changed man. 

"I always want to be honest and let people know that those mistakes aren't who I am," he told Seventeen. "Who I am is someone who really cares about people."

Anthony Mandler/Seventeen Magazine
Anthony Mandler/Seventeen Magazine