Huey Mack Teams Up With Afrojack and Twista For 'Funeral' Video: Exclusive

Afrojack and Huey Mack
Courtesy Photo

Afrojack and Huey Mack.

West Virginia's Huey Mack may be just starting his career, but that's not stopping him from thinking long-term. While in the studio with superproducer Afrojack, Mack says the beats were so "next level" that the concept for his first single "Funeral" just came to him: "You should play this at my funeral."

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Mack is preparing to drop his independent album, Things Change, after a string of successful mixtapes and his debut Pretending Perfection. The carpe diem-themed "Funeral" was actually conceived when Mack was invited to write with Afrojack.

"When I got to the studio, I found myself in a room with not only Nick (Afrojack), but also rap legends Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Twista," Mack tells Billboard. "We started vibing, and Nick ended up inviting me back to write with him every day for a week. It was an honor." 

Prior to shooting the video (which, yes, begins at Mack's funeral), "Afrojack invited me to watch his Ultra set on Friday night," Mack tells Billboard. "After his set, we stayed up all night in Miami and then went straight to the 'Funeral' video shoot in the morning."

At the shoot, the director's apartment lobby was converted into a funeral home "with the use of a few key props like the coffin I laid in," according to Mack. "It was pretty cozy in there and I even dozed off for a minute. When it came time for the funeral home set up to transform into a club, the smoke machine set off the fire alarm in the entire building and we had to stop shooting for an hour.“ 

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Get a taste of the debauchery with the video above, and look out for Things Change to drop June 23.