Justin Bieber Explains How Skrillex & Diplo Added to a Song He Was Writing for Piano

Diplo, Justin Bieber and Skrillex
Larry Marano/Getty Images

Diplo, Justin Bieber and Skrillex visit Hits 97.3 Radio Station on March 30, 2015 in Miami, Florida.

Just before taking the stage at Los Angeles' Wango Tango Festival this weekend, Justin Bieber sat down with KIIS 102.7 to talk about what he has coming up -- particularly with notable recent collaborators Skrillex and Diplo

Noting that the superstar EDM producers are "super talented," Bieber gave some insight into how their recent track "Where Are Ü Now" (currently at No. 30 on the Hot 100) came together. At first, Bieber says, the track "was just me and a piano, and then Skrillex -- him and Diplo came in and messed up the beat."

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As to whether the producers (who are collectively going by the moniker Jack Ü) will be on his next album, Bieber wouldn't completely confirm it, though he said he had been in the studio with Skrillex "the other night" and mentioned recent sessions with Diplo as well. 

"Overall I'm just really happy with the place I'm at, creatively," the Biebs said of his recent studio work. What will new Bieber sound like? "Uplifting music that people are going to dance to." So.. fairly similar to the Bieber of yore, though he says "it's a little different." 

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Don't expect to hear much from Bieber in the near future, though. "I'm using my voice in my music, rather than out here in the world," he told KIIS. "Not really talking a lot, just using my music for that."

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His new contemplative outlook didn't keep him from turning up the Wango Tango crowd, however -- watch the interview and his full set below.