Becky G & Austin Mahone are Impossibly Adorable in 'Lovin' So Hard' Video: Watch

Becky G and Austin Mahone
Courtesy Photo

Becky G and Austin Mahone in the video for "Lovin' So Hard."

Becky G and Austin Mahone have found love in a rising-pop-star place, and that romance is on full display in the former's new music video for "Lovin' So Hard," which was released on Wednesday (May 6). This video confirms the sneaking suspicion that, with their forces combined, Becky and Austin have become a downright charming emblem of young love.

The first 45 seconds of the "Lovin' So Hard" clip teases the appearance of Mahone, with the "Shower" singer cooing about the guy she might just let "lock it, lock it down" while alone in her bedroom. However, the video then becomes a document of the Great Beaster-Mahomie Union of 2015, with the pair of young singers exploring Los Angeles by grabbing fro-yo, playing in an arcade, palling around in a studio and frolicking on a beach (Becky even writes "A + B <3" in the sand!).

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Last week, 19-year-old Mahone confirmed that he and 18-year-old Becky G were indeed an item. "It's great being with someone that like does the same thing that you do. We understand like each other," he told MTV. "We understand what we do."

For Becky G, "Lovin' So Hard" follows the single "Can't Stop Dancin'," while Mahone is readying new music to follow last year's The Secret release.