10 Britney Spears Dream Collaborators: Who She Still Needs To Work With

She sang next to I-G-G-Y -- who should be next? JT, Mariah, Gaga and more artists Britney needs to get on a track with.

It's Britney (and Iggy), bitch: Britney Spears returned on Monday (May 4) with "Pretty Girls," a new collaboration with Iggy Azalea that marks one of the year's most high-profile single releases. The pairing of Spears and Azalea makes sense -- after all, Spears has been looking for a new radio hit, the Australian rapper is coming off of a huge year, and "Fancy" co-producers The Invisible Men have given the female duo another slinky beat on which to shine.

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Throughout her career, Spears has excelled alongside vocal collaborators from Madonna to Pharrell to will.i.am to her sister, Jamie Lynn, but there are still a handful of artists and producers she has yet to link up with, despite the potential for huge creative and commercial success. Which artists does Spears need to check off her list? Here are 10 that would make the wildest dreams of Britney fans come true (and a few humble song title suggestions, if they ever do materialize):

10. Lana Del Rey

It's been a while since Spears unleashed a powerful showcase of sorrow on the world, with fans of "Everytime" and "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know" left awaiting new ballads while Britney basks in the glow of mid-tempo pensiveness ("Perfume," "Alien") and intense dance music (all of Femme Fatale, basically). Who better to lead Spears into a foray of weepiness than the current Sadgirl Queen, Lana Del Rey? The Ultraviolence star has not been known for her vocal collaborations, but bringing Spears into her dreamy haze would be a must-hear.

Song Should Be Called: "California Tears"

9. Blood Orange

Dev Hynes, the indie-pop auteur behind Blood Orange, almost contributed to Britney Jean after working with artists like Solange and Sky Ferreira, but his demos unfortunately didn't make the final cut. That's a shame, because Hynes is the ideal producer for a new Britney track: applying the warm, atmospheric R&B of Blood Orange to Spears' pop approach would lead to a gorgeous intersection of styles, perhaps similar to Carly Rae Jepsen's winning new collaboration with Hynes, "All That."

Song Should Be Called: "Undying Fire"

8. Skrillex

With more EDM stars linking up with pop artists these days, Spears should logically partner with a bass drop maestro to once again return to the dance world. Any of the Zedd/Alesso/Avicii ilk would do, but Skrillex seems like the most natural fit thanks to his proclivity toward top-line pop collaborations (see "Where Are Ü Now," his rising Jack Ü hit with Justin Bieber) and sonic malleability (see his scorching A$AP Rocky hookup "Wild for the Night"). Four years removed from "Till The World Ends," Spears needs her own "Bangarang," pronto.

Song Should Be Called: "Blonde Bombshell"

7. Mariah Carey

A Mariah-Britney collaboration would delight fans of '90s pop for starters, but more importantly, a potential duet would place two of the genre's most reliable pleasure-providers next to each other, with potentially delirious results. Place their recent oeuvres aside for a second and consider the pristine pop confections that Mariah Carey and Britney Spears have released in their respective careers: "…Baby One More Time," "Fantasy," "Toxic," "Honey," "Oops! I Did It Again," "Always Be My Baby," "Till The World Ends," "Heartbreaker." If Mariah and Britney together could produce a fraction of the joy within any of those songs, they have to try, right?

Song Should Be Called: "Crazy/Beautiful"

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6. Daft Punk

Daft Punk worked with Giorgio Moroder on their Random Access Memories album. Moroder worked with Spears on a rehash of "Tom's Diner." Let's complete the triangle and get Britney in the studio with the French robots, who could provide a disco shine to Spears' dance tracks. Daft Punk worked with Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas and Panda Bear on their last full-length, but failed to team up with a pop diva like Spears. This wrong needs to be righted.

Song Should Be Called: "Shimmy"

5. Timbaland

Amazingly, Britney Spears and Timbaland have never worked together -- Brit has recorded with '00s hip-hop studio whizzes like the Neptunes and Danja, and while Tim expressed interest in a collaboration way back in 2007, the two paths remain uncrossed. Timbaland has produced hits for a ton of heavyweight pop and R&B artists over the past 15 years (including full albums for Britney's ex, Justin Timberlake), and Britney Spears deserves to be on that list -- even if it's just through a Courtney Love-esque guest appearance on Empire.

Song Should Be Called: "Off The Chain"

4. Beyonce

Pure, unadulterated star power. We have no idea what a Beyonce and Britney track would sound like. Would it be as viciously sassy as the "Flawless" remix with Nicki Minaj, a girl-power anthem like "Run The World (Girls)," a breathtaking power ballad like "Halo," or something else entirely? Whatever these two musical icons cooked up, we'd have to hear it.

Song Should Be Called: "Sweet B"

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3. Lady Gaga

Speaking of Beyonce's female pop collaborations, imagine if the long-awaited Britney-Gaga pairing actually happened and grazed the heights of "Telephone"! From the moment Gaga began her pop culture ascent with her outlandish electro-pop stylings and eye-popping music videos, a collaboration with Spears seemed inevitable. The two oft-blonde performers have kept fans waiting, and while rumors of a duet sprung up in early 2014, nothing has yet been released. Perhaps 2015 is the year in which the deal is finally sealed.

Song Should Be Called: "Dance Freak"

2. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears will forever be tied together as the female faces of the late '90s teen pop movement, Mickey Mouse Club alumni and best new artist Grammy nominees (Aguilera defeated Spears in the category at the 2000 ceremony). The two pop mainstays have long been perceived as frenemies, and although Aguilera recently impersonated Spears on The Tonight Show, she has yet to actually sing alongside Britney. Even if a collaboration comes 15 years too late, it still has to come, right?

Song Should Be Called: "(Party Like It's) 1999"

1. Justin Timberlake

I mean… come on. Technically JT sang backup for Spears on the Britney track "What It's Like To Be Me," but a proper collaboration -- Britney Spears feat. Justin Timberlake, or Britney & Justin, or Justin Timberlake feat. Britney Spears -- has yet to materialize. Sure, who wants to sing a song with your ex? But in a world where Justin and Britney's romance seems like ancient history, an on-the-track reconciliation would not only be juicy, but musically intriguing. After nearly 20 years spent idolizing this pair of pop legends, the time has come for the two to (professionally) rekindle the fire in the studio. Matching denim outfits are mandatory, of course.

Song Should Be Called: "A Special Place In My Heart"


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