Perfume Genius Explains Five of His Funniest Tweets

Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic
Mike Hadreas of Perfume Genius performs onstage during day 2 of the Coachella Music Festival at The Empire Polo Club on April 18, 2015 in Indio, California.  

From donut glaze to P!nk appreciation, Perfume Genius mastermind Mike Hadreas breaks down five amazing tweets in more than 140 characters.

Perfume Genius' music is thrillingly personal, an exploration of Seattle songwriter Mike Hadreas' harrowingly honest psyche conveyed through a bold smattering of glam-rock, lonely piano balladry and simmering post-punk. Hadreas' 2014 album Too Bright captures Hadreas' sexuality, body issues and outsider status through the prism of personal empowerment, and earned his Perfume Genius project its best reviews and biggest audiences to date.

On Twitter, however, Perfume Genius is the polar opposite of its musical intensity: Hadreas is often wry, sardonic and downright hilarious, detailing life at home and on the road by documenting his weird encounters and ultra-random experiences. Most of his best tweets are not one-liners, but gateways into Hadreas' crazy recent experiences… and like a lot of his followers, we always want to hear more about them.

From his Ben Affleck admiration to his folder of micro-piglets, Perfume Genius explained a few of his most incredible tweets to Billboard:

PERFUME GENIUS: That just straight-up happened! I was outside a laundromat vaping, and… it wasn't even a nice fancy car or anything, and I wasn't even dressed particularly fancy. He just slowed down, and that's what happened. And then he just drove off.

BILLBOARD: How did you answer him?

PG: I actually said 'Fuck you.' I don't know why. I turned it into something funny on Twitter, but I was, for some reason, kind of offended when he did it. He was calling me out about something -- it was kind of antagonistic when he asked it. It would be different if it was like a really classy rich woman wearing a resort outfit asking me that in a British accent, but it wasn't. It was just some dude in a beater car. I thought he was really poorly trying to be homophobic, but got things mixed up. I should have reacted better, because I've heard way worse. Maybe I was just in the mood to cuss someone out.

PG: Yeah. I tend to get in a manic… I don't know if everyone's asleep, like my boyfriend falls asleep and I'm up and it's my own time to let my brain go wild. Eventually, you need to calm and comfort yourself so you can go to bed, so I tried to focus my Internet spiral on something more… cozy. I just started manically saving a decent folder of piglets on my phone, so that I can look at them if my 4G cuts out.

It's been about a month and a half. Have you returned to that folder often?

PG: I haven't gone back there yet, but I do glance over them when I'm looking for other things. They're just there, you know? And they'll always be there. But I haven't had to pull them out. And it's not just for me -- somebody else might need it, too, and I'll be like, 'I have the perfect thing for you. Just give me a second to pull it up.' It can be a comfort to them.

I got very serious about micro-piglets and what it would be like to own them. They usually don't stay that tiny -- they turn into big-ass pigs eventually. And they just do pig stuff. The piglets, their hair looks so downy and soft, but I think it's really coarse and wiry. I guess it's rude of me to not want a pig just because, when I touch it, it's not going to be how I like. I feel like it's a deal-breaker for me.

But that's the great thing about the pictures!

PG: Right. They'll stay like that forever.

PG: It's hard to think of something funny to say about that, because that's just exactly what I was doing. I was in an Iceage kick, and then I somehow completely forgot that Ben Affleck and J. Lo were together. Something really struck me about that picture [of them together] -- it brought up a lot of stuff for me. I just started, I don't know, revisiting it. I saved some pictures of them, too, and I have this weird habit of modifying pictures on this app where you can switch faces and alter people's bodies and stuff. I was trying to do something cool with this one picture of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for a long time, but I couldn't get anything. I did it on tour like every day, just trying to make it some cool art piece. It was just like a candid photo of them at an awards show, but I was struggling with it for like a week in the van.

Have you ever seen 'Gigli'? It's the worst.

PG: I don't think I have. I feel like it's not bad enough to be entertainingly bad -- it's just that weird, soul-leeching kind of bad. And I'm a legitimate fan of Ben Affleck for some reason, so I want to keep a good image of him in my brain. He was my biggest crush when I was 12, and it's never really stopped. I was on a lot growing up. I don't know why.

What was like when you were growing up?

PG: That was the time when websites were just like, pictures of the celebrities? And then it said 'BEN AFFLECK' in big text. That's pretty much what it was. Maybe a short description of him. I would visit too, just to be nice. I knew they were friends.

PG: I have my phone so that I can use multiple fingers, and it wasn't just my thumb. I must have really been going to town, because I tried a couple of different fingers. I had to manually [type in] my code. You know, residue, I guess.

Was there a special occasion for the donut?

PG: No, it could have been any day, really. Sometimes it just cracks me up, though. I build up my confidence before these shows so I feel like such a badass -- I hype myself up. And then right after the show, stuff like that happens.

PG: She did this duet with the guy from Fun., 'Just Give Me a Reason.' Me and my boyfriend, every time it came on, we knew all the words and we would earnestly do each part. We would terrorize our friends, because we would [sing it] no matter what was going on. And it wasn't even a joke, it's just a really fun song to sing. But that came on right before I went to Costco, and I walked around there getting samples or whatever, and I thought, 'There's not a single P!nk song that I dislike.' I didn't know that I'm a pretty big fan of P!nk.

I like Costco. They got me to be an executive member, so I'm like, a business class member. Somehow I'm going to end up saving money, or something. The thing is, I don't moderate very well, so I buy things that are supposed to be for a family or last for a week, but they never do. I'll get three loaves of blueberry pound cake, and I'll just eat one for each meal of a day. Or just weird stuff, too, like mozzarella in perfectly spherical little beads. I'll get 10 pods of those, and just crack open one of those at 2:00 in the morning.