Who Is Fancy Sets 'Big Reveal' Performance For 'Tonight Show' April 7

Courtesy of Republic Records
Who Is Fancy

Who is Who Is Fancy? The mysterious artist behind the rising pop hit “Goodbye” (the song climbs to No. 29 on this week’s Pop Songs chart, and is bubbling under the Hot 100) has yet to reveal his name, face or backstory. Audiences will get their first glimpse at the real Fancy on Tuesday, April 7, when Who Is Fancy performs “Goodbye” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fancy also gave his first radio interview on Thursday (April 2) morning to early champion Elvis Duran of New York's Z100.

But before The Tonight Show, a select audience of a dozen new fans were recently treated to an exclusive concert from the singer in Los Angeles. The catch? All of the fans were young kids under the age of 10, who were nevertheless impressed by Fancy’s performance.

“I thought it was really good! No bad words in it,” exclaims one boy. “He’s singing a message and the message came out very beautiful,” says another little girl.

And what does Fancy look like? “I thought he looked like Adam Levine!” exclaims one girl. The kids also reveal he has brown hair, a beard, “fancy pants” and “a bunch of jewels on his shirt.” What kind of jewels? “They were kind of a dreamcatcher,” posits one. “Maybe them are metals,” suggests a little girl. “He’s wearing pants that have lots of ‘sparkers,’” says a boy, proudly.

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Though Fancy’s origins are still largely unknown, he shared a few tidbits with the crowd. “Fancy grew up in ‘Arkingsong,’” says one girl. Adds another: “He said that he was lonely I think because he was different.” He then moved to Nashville to play music, “and now he’s happy!” squeals a girl.

Fancy has a few other reasons to be happy: he’s distributed by Republic and Big Machine, published by Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs and managed by Scooter Braun’s SB Projects.