Taylor Swift Gets Apology From The Princeton Review Over Grammar Gaffe

Taylor Swift
Michael Stewart/WireImage

Taylor Swift performs during New Year's Eve 2015 at Times Square on Dec. 31, 2014 in New York City. 

After Taylor Swift called out the Princeton Review for misquoting her song "Fifteen" and erroneously using those false lyrics as an example of "bad grammar," the SAT practice test company has apologized to the superstar singer.

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In a Twitter post, the Princeton Review showed it had corrected Swift's lyrics -- in at least one copy, anyway. But more, they wanted to offer a grammar loving Swiftie two tickets to one of her shows.


After this issue first surfaced, The Princeton Review noted online that even Swift's correct lyrics aren't entirely correct grammar. 


"I want to make sure that folks know that we're big Taylor Swift fans and that we apologize for the misrepresentation in the lyric," The Princeton Review’s SVP-publisher Rob Franek told MTV News, following. "I appreciate her response, but the question on the grammar still holds true."

"If we look at the whole sentence, it starts off with 'somebody,' and 'somebody,' as you know, is a singular pronoun and if it's singular, the rest of the sentence has to be singular," he added.