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Lady Gaga Poses With Syringe, Shows Off Cleavage on Instagram

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Lady Gaga

At first glance, Lady Gaga's most recent Instagram photo seems pretty salacious, with the pop star holding a syringe to her mouth while wearing nothing but a strategically draped robe. Had she finally succumbed to the temptations of her rock star lifestyle?

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Thankfully, upon closer examination, Gaga's hint of cleavage was the only scandalous thing about the photo -- the syringe, from L.A.'s Kreation Organic, is actually filled with a blend of green juices, boron, and silicon. Called the "Beautify" shot, the juice is meant to promote "hair & nail growth and healthy, beautiful skin."

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So there's no cause for alarm -- Gaga is just taking time for some much needed R&R. 


Most fun juice box ever. Playing doctor

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