Six More Male Celebrities Who Ripped Off Willy Moon's 'Look'

Simone Joyner/Getty Images
Willy Moon performs live on the dance stage during day two of Reading Festival at Richfield Avenue on Aug. 24, 2013 in Reading, England.

Joe Irvine wore a suit and slicked-back hair -- clearly, he stole Willy Moon's copyrighted style. But who else did, throughout history?

On Saturday night (Mar. 14), X Factor New Zealand judge Natalia Kills claimed that contestant Joe Irvine ripped off the iconic style of her husband, singer Willy Moon, who was also a judge on the show. "As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband," Kills told Irvine, while Moon added that the contestant's resemblance to his own image was "creepy."

Kills' and Moon's firm belief that Irvine ripped off the latter's look -- and their impossibly harsh words -- got them fired from the show. But did the couple ever consider all the other men in entertainment who have stolen Willy Moon's style? Here's a brief recap of artists who have obviously pilfered the minor New Zealand singer's look:

Natalia Kills, Willy Moon & The Madness of Their 'X Factor' New Zealand Rant

Justin Timberlake


Timberlake's hair is even a similar shade of brown to Willy Moon's. He is also a pop singer. Joe Irvine should be doubly ashamed for imitating Justin, who is imitating Willy.

Sam Smith


Like Willy Moon, Sam Smith sings, and wears suits. Sometimes he has slicked-back hair. Did Willy Moon deserve to have over 1 million in album sales instead of the Grammy-decorated Smith?

Frank Sinatra


'Ol Blue Eyes died in 1998, when Moon was eight years old. Based on this photograph, Sinatra must have had a time machine, because there he is, singing, with slicked-back hair and a suit!

David Beckham


While Beckham made a name for himself in sports, he has been imitating Willy Moon on the red carpet for years. Like Moon, he married a singer who wears her hair bobbed. This is some Talented Mr. Ripley stuff right here. Watch out, Willy!

Jon Hamm as Don Draper


Jon Hamm's character on Mad Men has a stolen identity, but that's nothing compared to his blatant theft of Moon's look. Although the show is set in the 1960's, Draper is clearly inspired by the 2010's artist.

The Beatles


The Fab Four stopped slicking their hair back prior to getting big, so we can assume that their legendary place in the world of pop was based on their originality for not imitating Willy Moon, in an era when all men imitated Willy Moon.