Watch All of Christina Aguilera's Best Impressions

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. 
Christina Aguilera on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 16, 2016.

Christina Aguilera recently stopped by Ellen and played "Heads Up," which led to the singer showing off her impressive impersonation skills.

What you might not know is that she's been great at this for a really long time! A secret goofball has been lurking behind the wig and the lipstick for years. Watch all of her best impressions below. 

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1. Sam from Sex and the City
This is the most important video: That time she stopped by Saturday Night Live (as musical guest) in 2004, but also managed to steal SNL's "Farewell Sex and the City" parody away from three professional comedians by perfectly exaggerating Kim Cattrall's distinct way of speaking as Samantha Jones. 

2. Her co-judges on The Voice
It's not just women: Aguilera broke out some fun caricatures of her easily mimicked co-stars like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton last year on The Queen Latifah Show

3. Adele, Rihanna & more

On Ellen, Aguilera busted out her best Adele, Rihanna and Whitney Houston, but was a little stumped at how to impersonate a few of the others thrown at her. But we still give her a lot of credit.

(And we definitely don't need to remind you of her impression of a French prostitute, right?)